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  Tony W – GLL


My name’s Tony W I’m the Head of Legacy Venues for GLL.


We employ over 6000 casual and part time staff across London and the South East and further afield as well and job roles vary from entry level roles as recreation assistants, customer service advisors, through to centre managers and also within our head office, a range of support services from finance, human resources, facility management.


We always like to recruit and have a succession plan from within, so we like to promote GLL people that have worked hard, proved themselves within the organisation and clearly demonstrate a track record for success, but further afield we like to recruit local people. People that can relate to the customers that use us on a day to day basis. People that have an affinity for the venues and the centres that we operate and really that’s at the very heart of what GLL do.


So GLL offer a range of entry level roles into leisure, whether that’s a life guard recreation assistant or a reception, or as a 16 year old you could do some work experience for us. The first job you do doesn’t have to be the last job you do, you can certainly move through and across GLL how you wish.


The skills and qualities that we look for as an employer, we’re a people organisation. We deal with people on a day to day basis, so you have to be a people person, you have to enjoy working with people, it’s no good, you know wanting to sit back behind a desk and not engage, that’s not what we’re about. The customers that use our facilities want to see a friendly face, they want to see a smile, so that’s a good start but then afterwards to have an interest in the facilities and an interest in sport and leisure if very much helpful.


Well when we’re short listing people that we don’t know it’s important to have something on your application form that stands out and something that GLL can really hook on to, whether that’s you’ve been part of a team in the past, or you’ve taken leisure and sport GCSE qualifications, you’ve worked as a volunteer at at number of community events, or you’ve just got experience and you enjoy working with people, that’s what we want, they’re the people that we want working for GLL in the future.


We also do apprenticeship schemes as well and so you know it’s not essential to have prior work experience.


Well I started working for GLL in 1996 as a graduate trainee manager, since then I’ve worked my way through different job roles from frontline recreation assistant, a life guard, receptionist, duty manager and then into centre management. I’ve managed a number of various different centres from medium size, right the way through to regional centres and now I look after the iconic Olympic legacy venues on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park which is the London Aquatic centre and copper box arena.


But I would also suggest that people try and volunteer, GLL has a volunteering programme that we are working up for sporting events and also open days and sports activities. Any experience that somebody can get working with the public, working on events, working in the sport domain would assist them really to get a foot in the door with GLL.


End of Tony W


Tony works for GLL, which offers a range of entry level opportunities in the leisure and recreation industry. He is looking for people who are good with customers, with an interest in sport and leisure. He started working for GLL as a graduate training manager and has worked in a variety of different roles. He now looks after some of the venues on the Olympic Park.

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