How to cope with exam stress

How to cope with exam stress


Eight ways to deal with exam stress

Are you up to your eyes in revision? Feeling the pressure? Beat exam stress and survive exam season with these easy-to-follow tips.

1. Tackle the tricky stuff

Identify what’s stressing you the most and work out a way to deal with it. Your anxiety may be coming from just a couple of subjects so making revision progress in those areas may help you feel calmer.

2. Take control

Plan your revision sessions, know your exam timetable, check you have all the necessary equipment and leave yourself plenty of time to get to each exam. Think of your exam stress in a positive way – it can keep you on your toes and help you focus.

3. Take a break

Consider breathing exercises before each exam and throughout your revision schedule. Plan breaks and downtime to prevent burnout – doing something completely different can help you feel refreshed (and help your revision to sink in).

4. Don’t dwell on what’s done

Move on after each exam. Mulling over your answers will not change anything – focus instead on what’s coming next.

5. Remember you’re not alone

Take comfort in the fact that exams are something everyone goes through. Talk about any worries with a parent, teacher or friend. Often other people can see a solution more clearly. There are also lots of free helplines which offer support and advice so don’t be afraid to ask.

6. Think about the bigger picture

Getting a certain grade may seem the most vital thing to you right now but with time it won’t be as important. Thinking a little further ahead can give you a sense of perspective. And remember thousands of people have resat exams, or not done well at school, and gone on to have successful careers.

7. Keep fit

It’s easier said than done, but eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and taking some exercise will all help keep you in exam shape and refresh your body and mind.

8. Plan a post-exam treat

Remember normal life is just around the corner. Keep sight of the fact that exams are for a set period of time and plan something nice to look forward to when it’s all over.

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Last updated: 20th September 2019