Executive Head Housekeeper
Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG Crowne Plaza)

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Lawrence R

0.00.00 My name is Lawrence R. My position here is Executive Head Housekeeper. My job entails pretty much the entire cleanliness of the entire hotel which is the back of house, front of house, the guest rooms, as the reception area as well. My responsibility to ensure that every single guest that comes into the hotel enjoys a clean comfortable room and enjoy the stay to the max.

0.00.30 At school maths was my favourite subject and I could literally calculate anything just like that. But after I get in school and I went into accounting, I studied accounting and I was working as accountant for two years, I got fed up and bored sitting behind desk balancing transaction. I’m the kind of person, I like to keep fit and sitting behind a desk is not really my kind of keeping fit. I’m the kind of person, I’m very energetic.

0.01.00 I like to keep going and that’s the reason why I decide to move, I said to my family, it’s quite nice for me to achieve what I’ve done in accounting but I think I want something more, something different. And she said well at the end of the day if what you want, if what’s make you happy, they’re quite happy for me. That’s one of the good things about your parents, you know, they’re always there to support you when it’s good, when things are, and even when things are bad, they’re still there for you.

0.01.30 My dad was a Manager in Caribbean, we have like call a botanic gardens and he was a Manager for that garden, and he had like employees who worked for him to make sure the garden stays, because it’s a tourist attraction. And my mum, she was self employed, she just run her own business. I was inspired by my dad’s friend actually because he working on the cruise ship, that’s where actually she started and working there I met this gentleman, Mr Ralph Lawson, who we call Skip because he is a true leader

0.02.00 He’s in his 40’s but he’s really, really, really fit. So I asked him like how come you keep so fit? And he said to me it’s working in housekeeping keeps him moving, keeps him happy, all the staff are happy and that keeps him looking young and fresh and that’s what I like and I tried it and I really enjoyed it and from day one I’ve started it and I haven’t looked back and today, all what I’ve done I owe it to him.

0.02.30 He showed me the right direction, the right channel, in order what to take and to make it the best possible way for a leader to be. My interests outside of work like I said I’m the kind of person I like to keep fit so I do a lot of running. I do a lot of biking. I do a lot of like going to the gym now and then and meeting people, socialise and in work it come to work just perfect because here pass somebody in the corridor, pleasant good morning, how are you today, I meet a lot of people.

0.03.00 So it has just the perfect balance to be honest and I can’t find another job that would suit my position as to what I like and I enjoy it, so good, what I’m doing here now. When I was growing up back in the Caribbean, from ever since I promised myself that by the time I hit 25 I will own my own place. It so happen that when I used to go in this college and school, from school, when school break up, I used to go to work and I used to work every single day then when that’s finished and I go back to school because I want to achieve what I set my targets

0.03.30 Work night and day sometime just to get what I want and I finally achieve it at the end. I used to go to church a lot because my grandparents were really into Christianity and that sort of stuff and at times I get my faith from them because they have a lot of faith in me as well, a lot of faith in other things they do. So I take my faith I got from them because I believe in a lot of stuff like they do.



Lawrence R is Executive Head Housekeeper for Intercontinental Hotel Group. He is a qualified accountant, but he is far too energetic to enjoy sitting behind a desk. He was inspired by a family friend who was in charge of the housekeeping on a cruise ship. He explained it kept him feeling young fit and happy. Lawrence followed his example and now has a job he really enjoys.

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The UK average salary is £29,813

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? Workers in this unit group manage and supervise cleaning and other housekeeping tasks within private households, hotels, schools, hostels and other non-private households, and in offices and other premises.
There are no formal academic requirements, but GCSEs/S grades and/or relevant work experience may be needed in some instances. BTEC certificates and diplomas, NVQs/SVQs and degree level courses are available in relevant areas.
  • Recruits or participates in the selection process for cleaning and housekeeping staff and takes charge of staff training;
  • Assigns duties and responsibilities to staff and oversees working rotas;
  • Supervises the activities of cleaners and other housekeeping staff and inspects work undertaken;
  • Oversees the provision of cleaning and housekeeping supplies;
  • Arranges for replacement of broken, defective tools and handles arrangements for repairs to fixtures and fittings;
  • Manages budget for cleaning and housekeeping supplies and keeps record of expenditure.
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