Video round-up: coping with events outside your control

Video round-up: coping with events outside your control


Coping with events outside your control - three people with umbrellas in rain

Take a look at these videos to see how unexpected events can shape your path or help you see things differently.

Sometimes things happen which are outside our control.

These events can be difficult, but they can give you the chance to step back and re-think your plans.

In most of these videos, the speakers talk about experiences that happened some time ago. Looking back, you can often see a situation in a more positive way than how it felt at the time.

Seb, Health Club Manager

An accident led to a major career re-think for Seb.

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Rawle, Financial Manager

When Rawle lost his job, he applied his skills in a different direction.

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Jessica, Beauty Therapist

Having a serious illness during her GCSEs inspired Jessica to make something of her life.

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Shashi, Jockey's Agent

Realising he'd never be a champion jockey, Shashi decided to explore other options.

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Martin, Head of Geosciences

After his dad died, Martin decided to take a year out.

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If you’re going through a difficult time and want to speak to someone, see this useful list of people who can help.



Last updated: 17th September 2021