Dealing with tough times

Difficult situations or events often affect your career path or outlook.

You may need to watch some way into the video to find the relevant part of the story.

Environment Officer

After having Leukaemia at 17, Manna wanted to make sure she had a full life.

Rita Patel
Business and Community Development Manager

When Rita’s two-year-old child died, her family network, friends at work, as well as the job itself, helped her carry on.

Stage Technician

Joseph didn’t want to be at school while his mum was ill. He took a range of paths until a chance encounter helped him find his way.

Senior Lecturer, Social Policy

Growing up in care and living in lots of foster homes made Antoine realise how unstable life can be.

Head of School of Geosciences

Martin’s dad died, just before Martin’s finals at university. “That pretty much stopped me in my tracks and I decided to take a year out.”

Shift Manager

When Altaf moved to England aged 14, he couldn’t speak a work of English.

General Manager

A leg accident led Seb to rethink his career.

Meeting and Events Co-ordinator

Louise didn’t really enjoy the first half of secondary school and was badly bullied. Things improved in her later school years and she ended up staying on to sixth form.

Rope Access Supervisor

Paul’s world fell apart when his brother was killed in a road accident.

Logistics Supervisor

Andrew was badly bullied at school, “I was the quiet one in the corner whereas I’m far from it now.”