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Anoop S

00:00:03 My name is Anoop S, managing director of Shinh Media. Shinh Media is basically a publishing company to the publication called “Ambition Be Successful” which launched on October 16 and I’m the managing director managing everything that goes on with this publication and making sure that its sits on the shelves at WH Smith high streets UK wide on time.

00:00:23 When I was at school I never really dreamed of launching a magazine. All I cared about was playtime and school dinners. They were really good at that time, as well, actually, and physical education and I loved doing maths, as well. So it was just those elements of school that I really enjoyed and being sociable. I had a lot of friends at the same time. What I did at university was a Bachelor’s of Engineering and Electronics and I did that for four years. It certainly helped me to get into what I was doing for 10 years in the electronic sector. That was a tool to get in, but once you do get in you’ve really got to be determined to succeed. So that is only, from my point of view, is a tool to get you into that door. After that the world’s your oyster.

00:01:07 My first job was being a field application engineer and what that means in layman’s terms is I used to work in the semi-conductor industry so what is a semi-conductor? It is basically whatever goes in your mobile phone, the electronics, the rectangular black bits and pieces with the leads hanging out, that’s what I used to sell. And I used to go out there talking to people that were starting up their own company or were working for a multi-million pound turn over company and just telling them how we are going to, sort of, help you devise this electronic circuit.

00:01:34 That was my background but it had nothing to do with electronics where what inspired me. What inspired me was going out there talking to the people that were starting up companies. Talking to people that were going out there trying to close big funding rounds and when I’m looking back in retrospect, I actually modelled myself on one of the guys that I used to work with right at the beginning. He was actually larger than life he was about 6’4”, very broad shouldered, walked into a room and that was it, the energy was flowing. Had a lot of charisma and you’d take him out to customers or when he did used to go to the customers, they used to love him because he had a lot of energy, had a lot of knowledge and he shared that all the time with a lot of people so he was adding value every time he went to see that person or any other person. I thought, “Right, I really want to be like that, I want that charisma, I want that energy, I want to be focused, I want to be determined,” because this guy got results straight away.

00:02:22 I spent about 10 years being field-based as a business development manager, account manager and various other roles in sales. Along the way you’ve got to motivate yourself if you’re in the field. You really cannot bounce any ideas, if you’re sitting in an aeroplane or in a car off other people. It’s not like sitting in an office. Along the way I used to carry about two or three magazines at a time. I never really got the good sort of, the good feedback from any one of the magazines.

00:02:45 I spent about two years doing a bit of research just picking up competition magazines off the shelves and reading them and thinking, “Right, they’ve done this correctly but they haven’t done this correctly.” And I thought, “Right, what better thing to do than to do something yourself and launch a magazine.” So, March 3 we started and October 16 we launched with one of the top three distributors in the UK to the number one retailer of magazines in the UK which is WH Smiths, which is an achievement in itself. And sales figures prove that we have been hitting the sales pretty hard, so it’s very good feedback so far.

00:03:17 Well, the next few years I really want to establish this magazine. It appeals to everybody who wants to be successful, who wants to be motivated, who wants to know how to do a simple task but they may take about a month but reading some practical articles in this publication, it might take them about two weeks and they can save the other two weeks for another milestone or another activity that they’re working on.

00:03:38 So, it’s really establishing this publication and getting it under the noses of the right people, of the people that want to be successful. Right now, the prime focus is the publication. Looking onwards and upwards, there’s many things that I want to do but right now it’s not right to talk about because I’ve just launched a magazine and that’s my prime focus and who knows, maybe in a couple of years time I’ll have something else to talk about on camera.


Anoop S is manager of Shinh Media, publisher of Ambition Magazine. “I really want to establish this magazine. It appeals to everybody who wants to be successful, who wants to be motivated”. He started in field sales electronics- working his way up in sales. He saw the need for a magazine for someone like himself and developed the business idea.

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