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  Hattie C


00.0 I’m Hattie C, I’m the Editor of Rewind Magazine, I’m Music Editor at ID Magazine and I freelance for, GQ Style, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, the Big Issue, a few other magazines as well. I also a the web editor for a couple of artists, and I do some consultancy work for a watch brand. I think that’s everything.


I’ve done everything from going to Robbie Williams’ house and spending 3 or 4 hours there in his LA mansion and hanging out with him in his studio and in his back garden, and him making me a couple of tea. And I, Lady Gaga, I did her very first UK interview and then lots of my sort of personal hero’s from growing up. Mary J Blige I am fairly obsessed by so I’ve gotten to interview her several times. And JayZ, Beyonce, all these people that I’ve been very big fans of over the years, it’s been pretty amazing being able to interview them.


When I was about 9, I left one school and went to another and the school I went to was quite hippy, quite progressive school I’d gone from a very strict Catholic school to this like amazingly cool school with loads of hippy kids and hippy parents. And everyone there just acted, it was just like a thing that you did so that’s just sort of what I just did to fit in. So I ended up doing loads of acting as a kid, like just in youth TV shows. I was pretty terrible, but I carried on doing it, went to university and did Drama and then, I’ve always had a love of writing, since school. I had a love of music, I DJ’d at university and sort of some how the two eventually came together. I definitely always, my brother always wanted to be a music journalist. I think I sort of copied the idea off him, when I was about 23 or 24 and I started to think about acting and where this was going to take me and how I could sort of change the situation I was in, cos I was quite frustrated trying to act and having no work and working like in bars and stuff. So yeah the journalism sort of came around through my English, my love of English, my love of music, a little bit of thievery from my brother and I sort of stumbled across music journalism. Kind of by accident really.


It sounds very dramatic, but I remember being on a cliff in Portugal, I was on a holiday with some friends and we were like ‘ah man life, what’s it about’ and all that sort of stuff and we just like had this really like big heart to heart chat and I remember thinking, right, I’m going to come back from this holiday and I’m going to change everything that I am doing. At the time I had set up an acting agency and there had been a theatre company that other friends of mine had set up that I was involved in, So I was sort of doing all this stuff but it wasn’t anything that I wanted to do and I came back and I wrote… I decided to move to New York, of course, and to do that I thought I’d need to study, so I applied for an MA or started to apply for an MA at NYU. And tried to get scholarships. They advised me to try and get some stuff published to strengthen my application, so I wrote to NME, they said no, I wrote to Hip-Hop connection, I sent them a review and they said yes! And it just sort of snowballed from there, I started getting lots of work. So I never actually ended up moving to New York and doing an MA, but I ended up going to New York for lots and lots of work so in some way, and I lived there for a little while as well so it kind of in sort of a weird circular way it all kinda came together.


My parents I think were just very relieved that I’d finally got a job. I think now they’re really really proud and think they’re probably quite relieved cos I think I was a bit, I was a bit in the wilderness slightly job wise for a few years in terms of acting. And then it took a long time for writing to really kick into any form of structured career. My mum tries to read the stuff that I write but she’s not very au fait with modern culture, so she gets a bit, Lady who, Gaga? She reads stuff and doesn’t understand it, but my dad, my dad definitely buys all the stuff. I do bits of radio here and there and they listen to that and tell me that I’m talking to fast or that I am showing off, both…both fair points I think! So yeah, they’re dead chuffed.


Hattie C is editor of Rewind magazine and regular writes for publications such as I-D, The Guardian and NME. She originally trained as an actress but found it tough to succeed. Inspired by a combination of her love of music and writing, she decided to try switching her focus to music journalism. Her risk paid off and she is now a very successful journalist and editor.

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