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Amazon Web Services

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00:00:07:04 – 00:00:08:22
Hi. My name is Maria.

00:00:08:22 – 00:00:13:03
I’m currently an account manager apprentice at Amazon Web Services,

00:00:13:03 – 00:00:15:03
also known as AWS.

00:00:15:08 – 00:00:18:02
AWS is basically a giant

00:00:18:06 – 00:00:21:20
subsidiary of Amazon, which I’m sure you all have heard of before.

00:00:22:07 – 00:00:27:09
So instead of selling books and clothes online we sell IT services,

00:00:27:09 – 00:00:32:03
for example, storage and compute power to a variety of different organisations.

00:00:35:04 – 00:00:37:06
For me personally, I work in the Central Government Team,

00:00:37:06 – 00:00:39:10
which means I’ve got my own set of accounts

00:00:39:10 – 00:00:43:14
that I work with, and I’m responsible for maintaining relationships with them.

00:00:43:20 – 00:00:48:05
Earning trust and basically, if the customer has a challenge figuring out

00:00:48:05 – 00:00:50:21
if we’ve got any services that can help form a solution for that.

00:00:54:00 – 00:00:55:04
I originally wanted to go to university.

00:00:55:04 – 00:00:58:12
I wanted to study geography, picked all my A-levels according

00:00:58:12 – 00:01:01:14
to what I wanted to do, according to my big plan, started

00:01:01:14 – 00:01:05:11
actually studying and realised I’m not sure I want to do this for the rest of my life.

00:01:05:11 – 00:01:07:04
And that made me really nervous.

00:01:07:04 – 00:01:09:10
So I decided to look into different options.

00:01:09:10 – 00:01:11:07
For me I decided that would be a gap year.

00:01:11:07 – 00:01:14:06
So I flew to Australia and I had the best time ever.

00:01:14:06 – 00:01:18:15
I was doing bartending, waitressing, traveling, having fun, enjoying myself.

00:01:18:20 – 00:01:21:12
But then I came back after a year and a bit and thought

00:01:21:12 – 00:01:24:09
I really would like to start building a career for myself,

00:01:24:09 – 00:01:28:14
something that is stable and solid that I can use for the rest of my life.

00:01:29:00 – 00:01:33:09
So I spoke to my sister who does a degree apprenticeship and she basically introduced me

00:01:33:09 – 00:01:37:06
to the idea and told me about how I can get a degree for free.

00:01:37:14 – 00:01:40:22
I can have a job and be in that corporate environment

00:01:40:22 – 00:01:45:03
and get that experience but I don’t have to sacrifice the university lifestyle.

00:01:45:03 – 00:01:48:02
I can still go out and make friends, go to lectures on campus

00:01:48:11 – 00:01:50:08
and have that fun part of the life to.

00:01:53:06 – 00:01:54:00
So I do think you need to be

00:01:54:00 – 00:01:57:10
quite social for an account manager role as you need to earn the customer’s trust,

00:01:57:10 – 00:02:00:04
you need to be able to talk to them and ask the right questions

00:02:00:04 – 00:02:03:11
to find out what challenges they’re having to help you figure out a solution

00:02:03:11 – 00:02:06:19
for them using AWS’s resources and services.

00:02:07:07 – 00:02:11:23
But I think you also just need to, as an apprentice, not just an account

00:02:11:23 – 00:02:16:13
manager, have the want and the willingness to learn and be curious

00:02:16:13 – 00:02:20:19
and to want to message your customers and to keep up to date with them.

00:02:23:22 – 00:02:25:22
One thing that I often got told when I said, you know, I’m

00:02:25:22 – 00:02:29:03
going to go down this route and I’m not going to pay for uni,

00:02:29:03 – 00:02:31:22
I’m going to have a great job working at a big company,

00:02:31:22 – 00:02:33:18
and I’m not going to have any student debt.

00:02:33:18 – 00:02:36:19
People constantly said that sounds great, but just be realistic.

00:02:36:19 – 00:02:38:04
What do you actually want to do?

00:02:38:04 – 00:02:41:04
You know, maybe just do something that’s safe and stable,

00:02:41:10 – 00:02:43:15
and just take the traditional route to uni.

00:02:43:15 – 00:02:47:10
So when people used to say to me, be realistic, you can’t actually find a role

00:02:47:10 – 00:02:50:10
where you’ll be a manager at the end of it and get a free degree you know?

00:02:50:11 – 00:02:53:12
And I found it and it does exist, and you’ve just got too have a little

00:02:53:12 – 00:02:57:00
look online at the companies you like and the things that you enjoy doing.

00:02:57:00 – 00:02:59:11
Don’t stick to the list of job roles that you know exist

00:02:59:15 – 00:03:02:16
because there could be something out there that you’ve never heard of, like me

00:03:02:20 – 00:03:04:22
that you end up doing and you really, really enjoy.


“Have a little look online at the companies you like and the things that you enjoy doing. Don’t stick to the list of job roles that you know exist.”
Maria originally planned to go to university, but when she started studying her A-levels suddenly wasn’t so sure. She decided to take a gap year and went to Australia before taking up a degree apprenticeship on her return.

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The UK average salary is £29,813

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There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

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The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

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? Jobholders in this unit group manage, coordinate and technically supervise specific IT projects and programmes of a discrete duration and/or budget.
Entrants usually possess a degree or equivalent qualification, although entry with other academic qualifications and/or significant relevant experience is possible. There is a variety of relevant vocational, professional and postgraduate qualifications available.
  • Works with client or senior management to establish and clarify the aims, objectives and requirements of the IT project or programme;
  • Plans the stages of the project or programme, reviews actions and amends plans as necessary;
  • Coordinates and supervises the activities of the project/programme team;
  • Manages third party contributions to the programme or project;
  • Monitors progress including project/programme budget, timescale and quality;
  • Coordinates and oversees implementation of the project or programme;
  • Reports on project or programme to senior management and/or client.
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