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Amazon Web Services

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Hello. My name is Rashada.

00:00:08:42 – 00:00:12:45
I’m an enterprise account manager at Amazon Web Services based here in London.

00:00:13:11 – 00:00:17:00
I work with our customers to advise them on cloud technology,

00:00:17:17 – 00:00:20:21
and the best solutions to solve their business problems.

00:00:20:41 – 00:00:23:32
I engage with a range of people in the organisation,

00:00:23:32 – 00:00:27:49
from the senior executives, to those who are developing the technology

00:00:27:49 – 00:00:31:10
to produce great results for their organisation.

00:00:31:31 – 00:00:35:32
I also talk with those who are thinking about ideas, and possibly in marketing

00:00:35:42 – 00:00:39:36
or in sales, about how they can solve their business problems with technology.

00:00:39:49 – 00:00:42:06
So what is cloud computing?

00:00:42:06 – 00:00:48:13
Cloud computing allows you to have access to IT resources on demand.

00:00:48:13 – 00:00:51:16
So that’s whenever you want to access them.

00:00:51:19 – 00:00:54:49
From not a physical device, but from an online platform.

00:00:57:39 – 00:00:58:31
So some of the challenges

00:00:58:31 – 00:01:02:39
that I help my customers to solve, for example, could be forecasting.

00:01:03:07 – 00:01:06:10
How do my customers know what are the best products

00:01:06:10 – 00:01:09:04
to put in particular stores at the right time?

00:01:09:24 – 00:01:12:30
So I could talk to them, for example, about Amazon Forecast,

00:01:12:42 – 00:01:17:08
which is a tool that helps our customers use AI,

00:01:17:11 – 00:01:20:24
which is artificial intelligence, and machine learning models

00:01:20:42 – 00:01:25:04
to build tools to find out which products are the best fit

00:01:25:13 – 00:01:28:07
for a particular store in a particular region.

00:01:28:17 – 00:01:30:22
For me, that’s a really exciting thing to do.

00:01:33:11 – 00:01:35:11
I completed my A-levels in pure maths,

00:01:35:11 – 00:01:38:21
English and human biology, and I absolutely hated college.

00:01:38:21 – 00:01:42:49
I’ve got to say, I didn’t enjoy it at all, and I think that was probably reflected in my results,

00:01:42:49 – 00:01:46:16
So I didn’t do quite too well at A-levels.

00:01:46:29 – 00:01:49:40
But I did manage to secure a place at university,

00:01:50:08 – 00:01:54:28
and I was fortunate enough to read law, so I read law at university,

00:01:54:28 – 00:01:57:19
because I wanted to actually to be a lawyer.

00:01:57:19 – 00:02:01:22
But I was always interested in how things worked and the way technology worked.

00:02:01:38 – 00:02:04:43
So one of my options at university, while doing law,

00:02:04:43 – 00:02:08:03
was to take a minor in business studies and technology.

00:02:08:03 – 00:02:11:45
So that’s what I did, and that’s really what gave me the insight

00:02:11:45 – 00:02:14:48
into what a career in technology was all about.

00:02:15:03 – 00:02:18:14
So I’ve had a number of different roles in a number of different organisations.

00:02:18:23 – 00:02:20:03
I did my first year in Amsterdam.

00:02:20:03 – 00:02:24:19
I came back to the UK I then had a series of different roles and I was promoted

00:02:24:37 – 00:02:29:06
to a global business development manager, whilst working for that same company.

00:02:29:15 – 00:02:31:15
I looked after our global clients.

00:02:34:21 – 00:02:39:03
It’s really important that I listen to my customers’ needs and what they are asking for.

00:02:39:05 – 00:02:41:20
I also make sure I really ask questions.

00:02:41:21 – 00:02:47:02
It’s really important to be inquisitive, and to find out things that you wouldn’t ordinarily get to know.

00:02:49:32 – 00:02:54:08
My advice would be to try everything and to fail quickly, and make a decision quickly.

00:02:54:08 – 00:02:56:23
So if you fail, if you try something, and you don’t like it

00:02:56:32 – 00:02:59:16
It’s not a failure. You just know you don’t like it, move on.

00:02:59:20 – 00:03:01:42
If you don’t ever get the results that you want in something,

00:03:01:42 – 00:03:04:46
try again and go for it anyway, because you never know

00:03:04:46 – 00:03:06:14
where you’re going to end up.

00:03:06:14 – 00:03:10:15
I am absolutely proud to say that that has absolutely helped me in my career today.


“If you don’t ever get the results that you want in something, try again and go for it anyway, because you never know where you’re going to end up. I am absolutely proud to say that that has absolutely helped me in my career today.”

Rashada hated college. She didn’t do as well in her A-level as hoped, but still managed to go to university to study law, as she wanted to become a lawyer. She took a minor in business and technology as part of her degree and found her passion.

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average salary

The UK average salary is £29,813

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There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

74%  male 
26%  female 

The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

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Future employment?

? Jobholders in this unit group manage, coordinate and technically supervise specific IT projects and programmes of a discrete duration and/or budget.
Entrants usually possess a degree or equivalent qualification, although entry with other academic qualifications and/or significant relevant experience is possible. There is a variety of relevant vocational, professional and postgraduate qualifications available.
  • Works with client or senior management to establish and clarify the aims, objectives and requirements of the IT project or programme;
  • Plans the stages of the project or programme, reviews actions and amends plans as necessary;
  • Coordinates and supervises the activities of the project/programme team;
  • Manages third party contributions to the programme or project;
  • Monitors progress including project/programme budget, timescale and quality;
  • Coordinates and oversees implementation of the project or programme;
  • Reports on project or programme to senior management and/or client.
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