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Tariq S

00:02 My name’s Tariq S and I’m the technical director for Redstone. I work in the area of Redstone that looks after schools and schools IT we design all of the ICT that’s gonna go into brand new schools or refurbed schools.

00:21 If I’m honest I got into computing as a means to an end, I was choosing careers at a time when computers were quite new out, so it was the big thing to be into, I’d always wanted loads of money so I thought that’s what I’ll do. I was always good at maths, maths and sciences, and then I went on to do a degree in computer science.

00:42 It was a bit difficult actually school was not the enjoyable experience that it should be really because there was a very, very few black or Asian students in the school I went to and therefore it was, it was very difficult cos if you’re at school and you’re different, that is a difficult situation.

01:04 There were lots of different coping mechanisms, one was running fast, another one was humour, there were a number of different ways you handled it depending on, on how it was, I think in a lot of ways it’s no different from the, the kid who wears glasses today or the fat kid or whatever you know but there is, there is a way through it usually and what you’ve gotta do is focus on, on your goals and, and just you know carry on and make sure you know make sure that you still apply yourself and make something of yourself.

01:41 You know my father at that time suffered from not being able to get jobs that he was qualified for, he’s a dentist, he ended up working for a company that supplies dental products. Dad you know couldn’t, couldn’t actually work as a dentist at that time.

01:57 I did a lot of really horrible jobs during my summer holidays from school or from university so I came out of that knowing what I didn’t want to do. You then appreciate actually how difficult it is to earn money and, it’s a, something you have to do, if you’re gonna do that do something you enjoy.

02:23 The degree I did was a sandwich course it was a 4 year sandwich course, and my third year was when I started working with RHM foods, and I was really lucky I had a fantastic time there, really enjoyed it, really enjoyed working with the people. Obviously made a contribution because they then sponsored me for my final year, so I did my final year project for them and then rejoined them straight after so it was great really.

02:50 The IT department at RHM was then outsourced to a computing division which was then outsourced to another company and it went like that but, each time, I would land on my feet, I’d me, I’d end up working for somebody who actually invested time and effort and helped me. I end up working all over the country, I live in just outside South Manchester at Altrincham. So at the moment and for the last year I’ve been working in Birmingham and commuting down every day you know that’s been, that’s been hard cos I’ve got 4 hours travel each day.

03:32 I mean my work life balance hasn’t been good in the last few years, I do try and keep one by with the rate of things and the demands of the job it’s not been easy.

03:45 I really, really enjoy what I do now, the only thing I’d change about it would be, I’d like it to be closer to home.


Tariq S is the Technical Director for Redstone. He says, “I work in the area of Redstone that looks after schools, and schools’ IT. We design all of the ICT that’s going into brand new schools or refurbished schools”. He was discriminated against at school but says, “what you’ve got to do is focus on your goals and just carry on… make sure that you still apply yourself and make something of yourself”.

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  • Considers the required IT/telecommunications staffing levels, oversees recruitment and appointment of staff and directs training policy;
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  • Ensures that new technologies are researched and evaluated in the light of the organisation’s broad requirements.
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