Senior Vice President, Environment, Social & Governance
Bank of America

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Environment, Social & Governance

00:03 I’m Andrea. I work for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. I head up the Environment, Social & Governance team outside of the US. So I have a team around the globe that looks at philanthropic partnerships with charities. We really focus on jobs and skilling and inspiring our young people to be prepared for the leaving of school. We also have an arts programme where we can serve our, we sponsor, we run arts education projects in the community so we have a team that does that and then we have an environment team that’s looking not only at the banks operations and how you personally can get involved in being, living a greener life but we’re also looking at our clients  and how we can help finance projects like green bonds and green loans and social loans as well, affordable housing where we’re trying to help the community and help the globe better through what we do on a day to day basis which is finance.
01:07 I went to university and majored in the political applications of art, I then went to law school but when I was in law school I did a lot of representation of artists so I went from law school into a law firm and I worked in the corporate division of mergers and acquisitions and then after a couple of years I knew I really didn’t want to be in a big law firm and I went into television. I went in to produce a new show for women on a women’s channel and it was a fantastic experience.
01:42 A bank is not just people who trade stocks, we have almost every job you can think of here. You know we’ve got marketing and environment, social and governance and press, and, half the bank is tech and ops, I mean half the people that work here are, come from an IT technology background so those skills are invaluable. The bank hires so many different types of people from so many backgrounds  and I think we really know that that diversity not only of people but of thought and skills is what is making it, makes us successful.
02:23 Relying on the people that you know and the friends and colleagues that you have from various jobs you take with you is always a great support network, if not also a network to help you find another job. Try to get experience, try to talk to as many people as you can, make sure you’re aware of the opportunities that are out there, go online, see how you apply for internships, summer things from your school, we do all of that across the board so there are special programmes for certain parts of the community, you need to do your homework.
03:02 I love working with young people, I do a lot of talks, inspirational talks for, specially for women, young women, it’s why I think this programme’s so great, Inspiring Women programme.


Andrea went to law school and then worked for a big law firm. After a couple of years, she decided law wasn’t for her so became a TV producer, before moving into finance.

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The UK average salary is £29,813

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There are 37.5 hours in the average working week

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The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

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Future employment?

? Financial institution managers and directors plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the activities and resources of banks, building societies, insurance companies and post offices.
Entry is possible with A levels/H grades, S/NVQ levels 4 and 5, a degree or equivalent qualification. Those with higher qualifications obtain accelerated training. Internal promotion to management is also possible. On-the-job training is provided. Professional qualifications are available and often mandatory.
  • Plans, organises, directs and co-ordinates the activities of financial institutions;
  • Verifies that accounting, recording and information storage and retrieval procedures are adhered to;
  • Authorises loans and mortgages in accordance with bank or building society policy;
  • Promotes financial services, establishes contact with the local business community and professional firms;
  • Preparing general reports and briefs on more complex cases for senior management;
  • Ensures compliance with the statutory regulatory framework.
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Financial services 57903
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Postal, etc 5022
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Office admin. 2067
Public admin. & defence 1342
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